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More features to play with colors: swapping foreground and background colors - RGB and HSV values

By stephane • News • Thursday 01/04/2010 • 0 comments

Kay from Clever Someday sent me more great suggestions to improve ScrapColoring : there is now a button to easily swap the background and foreground colors. It is very useful to invert the patterns, especially in the new 16 million colors mode. A lot of patterns go very well in combination with the matching inverted pattern.

I also added the numeric RGB and HSV (sometimes called HSB) values. Those initials stand for Red, Green, Blue and Hue, Saturation, Value or Brightness. They are commonly found in graphic programs like Inkscape, Gimp and Photoshop, and can be used as reference in color palettes etc. You can use them to save and retrieve a specific color.

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