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Friends of ScrapColoring

By stephane • News • Tuesday 02/06/2009 • 0 comments

Do you enjoy the site ScrapColoring? We need you to improve it and make it known!

To improve ScrapColoring:

Tell us your ideas and suggestions! (with the Contact link at the top right corner, or in a comment) For instance:
  • If the online coloring application does not work correctly on your computer, please tell us (please describe your configuration, what the problem is, and if possible join a screenshot). Have a look first at the Supported Browsers page.
  • If you have ideas of patterns or drawings.
  • If you have suggestions to improve the online coloring application, the site navigation or its presentation.
  • etc.

To promote ScrapColoring:

  • Tell your friends about it: mothers and fathers, grand-parents etc.
  • Blog about it, link to it from your site, or talk about it in your favorite online forums. (don't forget to tell us so that we can link back to you to thank you)
  • Share a link to ScrapColoring on Facebook
  • Add ScrapColoring as a favorite site on social networks, Technorati, Delicious etc.
  • Follow @ScrapColoring on Twitter
Thanks a lot for helping us improving and promoting ScrapColoring! Your help and feedback mean a lot to us and encourage us to make ScrapColoring even better! :-)

Friends of ScrapColoring - February 2010 :
  • The UK Parents Lounge - A place to get away from the kids. Thanks for listing us even though we can't spell colouring. :-)

Friends of ScrapColoring - January 2010:
  • London restaurant guide - Find a restaurant in London, reserve for free or search for a restaurant by area or speciality

Friends of ScrapColoring - December 2009:

Friends of ScrapColoring - November 2009:

Friends of ScrapColoring - October 2009:

Friends of ScrapColoring - September 2009:
  • Sites and soundbytes has a great description of ScrapColoring: "It is much more like quilting with no sewing than coloring with no crayons."
  • Erik HOMEMADE : a Coffee Break eZine for creative moments in an hectic day! daily craft project ideas, book reviews and much more.
  • Kristy from Tomorrow's Plight: learning to save, love, give and live, worry free
  • Jacqui, author of the Blooming in Japan blog and creator of Mee a
  • The Miss Rumphius Effect : the blog of a teacher educator discussing poetry, children's literature and issues related to teaching children and their future teachers.
  • Togertherville : great online resources for kids

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