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Supported Browsers

We highly recommend the use of Firefox for the best coloring experience on ScrapColoring. Firefox is free and open, can be installed in a few minutes, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Other browsers can be used on ScrapColoring, but some features can be missing or partially supported.

Firefox (all systems) - free, simple and fast download

  • perfect support. recommended browser. no plug-in to install.
  • all features are supported.
  • to save drawings, you need to authorize pop-up windows for Firefox will prompt you the first time you click the disk icon, in a bar at the top of the page.
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 with SVG plugin
  • good support with the Adobe SVG plug-in (free and fast install)
  • printing and saving colored drawings is not supported
Opera 10.51
  • very good support. no plug-in to install.
  • saving is supported.
  • print icon does not work (but you can save in HD first, and then print)
Safari (all systems), Google Chrome, Omniweb, other browsers based on WebKit
  • partial support. no plug-in to install.
  • a lot of patterns are not available or are badly rendered.
  • to save drawings, you first need to desactivate the pop-up blocker (Ctrl Shift K on Windows, or in the Settings menu)
Here is how the coloring application looks like with a recent version of Firefox:

Coloring App interface