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Mixed Salad: Eggs, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Red Onions

By stephane • Coloring pages • Thursday 22/04/2010 • 0 comments

I recently discovered Print & Pattern, a blog that showcases a huge number of joyful and colorful patterns printed on paper, fabric, plates, mugs etc. I would love to have my pattern designs printed on various items too! Maybe I can become an amateur surface designer (that's how the artists are named in the UK, maybe in the US too?). So I started practicing creating patterns. The ones I have designed for ScrapColoring have been relatively simple so far, but I very much enjoyed creating them. I'm now trying to create more original and complex patterns, with more than two colors. Here is my first try: the ingredients of a mixed salad recipe, as seen when cut in slices: an egg slice, a tomato slice, a cucumber slice, and a red onion slice. Quite an original idea isn't it? ;-) I was thinking they could make cool tiles for our kitchen, but my wife wasn't too pleased with the idea for some reason. :-) Maybe it's just because I didn't find the good color combination: I'm counting on you to find the best color for this plate of egg and vegetable salad!

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Mixed Salad: Eggs, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Red Onions coloring page

Mixed Salad

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