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Damask Pattern

By stephane • Patterns • Monday 10/05/2010 • 5 comments

I created a flowered damask pattern to add to ScrapColoring's collection of 40+ patterns. Damask patterns are very fashionable nowadays (or so I'm  being told). Damask fabrics are reversible: the silk threads are weaved on both side of the canvas, and you can see the "negative" of the pattern on the back of the fabric. It's just as easy to get the negative pattern on ScrapColoring: just click on the double arrow icon to switch the colors. The name of the pattern comes from the city of Damascus in Syria where this type of weaving originates from.

The baroque motif I drew is largely inspired not from a fabric but from tiles painted with gouache paint in France around 1800. You can find similar patterns on most "Damask" patterns printed today. Do you like this pattern? What do you think we could do with it?

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Damask Pattern coloring page

Damask Pattern


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