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All About ScrapColoring

ScrapColoring is an online coloring site with an innovative concept dreamed and developed by Elsa (kindergarden / elementary school teacher) and Stephane (software engineer).

The story

We have three children: Marianne, Clémence and Martin, who are all three great fans of drawing and coloring.

We of course have tested all the online coloring sites, but we were somewhat disappointed. Our kids were obviously were happy to find the heroes from the cartoons they have seen on TV and on DVDs, but it only takes them 10 clicks and 30 seconds to color Dora, Winnie or their favorite Pokemon. They have little choice (blue and red for Spiderman, what else? green for trees, white or grey for clouds...) and this fast-food type coloring experience leaves them unsatisfied.

Free printable coloring pages sites are more interesting. They offer more freedom to the young artists, and enable them to sharpen their coloring skills, as they have to carefully draw between the lines in order to obtain a beautiful result. Before we created ScrapColoring, we in fact first created (in French), which offers original drawings to print and color (instead of the 10000 copies of Walt Disney's and other TV cartoons that are reproduced on most coloring sites). But compared to online coloring sites, printable coloring pages tend to make your consumption of paper, ink and crayons spike!

The idea

So we had a new idea: what if we reinvented online coloring, allowing kids to color not only with basic flat colors, but also with fabrics, papers, textures, patterns, gradients etc.? And why not allow them to also create and test new patterns very easily, to choose their colors and size? The ScrapColoring concept was born!

The site

Many sleepless nights later, the ScrapColoring site is live, and the result far exceeds our expectations: much more than a web version of coloring on paper, it gives kids a full workshop for printing on fabrics and wallpapers, painting, cutting and glueing. Our kids have immediately fallen in love with the site and have spent hours coloring and coloring again our first drawings. They are very proud of their creations which are very varied and very good looking, especially when considering their age.

Your ideas and your creations

With ScrapColoring, online coloring becomes creative, artistic, and very fun! We hope your kids will like our site, and we would be very happy to see their colorings (and yours as well!) and to receive your ideas and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to leave comments with your kids' colorings, your ideas of drawings, suggestions of patterns etc.

Have fun!

Elsa and Stephane